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ESG Reporting in Germany - What US Companies Need To Know

Mittwoch, 07. Dezember 2022 business, ESG, germany, IBSummit, regulatory, usa
In our panel discussion:
Gabriele Hässig, Managing Director of Communications and Sustainability for Procter and Gamble, DACH 
Kaveh Taghizadeh, Partner KPMG in Germany ESG Value Chain Transformation Group
Simone Menne, President of the American Chamber of Commerce in Germany
Warren Marine, KPMG in Germany, Leader US country practice
 will examine key aspects of upcoming legislation in the EU related to ESG Reporting and sustainability related due diligence.The two directives covering these issues are corporate sustainability reporting directive which we will refer to as the CSRD and corporate sustainability due diligence directive.These are the two directives will be focused on together with a german legislation related to the second item. Key components of the ladder already have been enacted into law in Germany.