Alle Videos zum Thema Audit

Tom Eve "International Network"

71 views 13.10.2020.

Tom Eve - Director, Audit - KPMG UK

Angelika Alt-Scherer "Winner's Mentality"

170 views 01.10.2020.

Angelika Alt-Scherer - CHRO Audit - KPMG Germany

Markus Kreher "Motivated Teams"

199 views 01.10.2020.

Markus Kreher - Head of Finance Advisory - KPMG Germany

Christian Sailer "Open Communication"

195 views 01.10.2020.

Christian Sailer - Head of Audit - KPMG Germany

Alexander Coir "Modern Technologies"

184 views 06.08.2020.

Alexander Coir - Manager, Audit - KPMG Germany

Tim Rotter "Transport & Logistics Specifics"

236 views 28.07.2020.

Tim Rotter - Senior Manager, Audit - KPMG Germany

Carsten Müller "Adapting Digitalisation"

224 views 14.07.2020.

Global companies often have an extremely complex and heterogeneous organisation. In this video,...

Michael Pritzer "4 Pillars of Success"

374 views 14.07.2020.

Our expert Michael Pritzer outlines the four pillars on which our audits are built.

Christoph Velder "Digitalisation"

271 views 14.07.2020.

Our audit expert Christoph Velder understands the benefits of a digital audit for customers.

Christian Sailer "Technology & People"

360 views 14.07.2020.

How does the audit of the future look? Our expert Christian Sailer offers some insights into the...