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Ian Griffiths "Digital Audit"

283 views 20.10.2020.

Ian Griffiths - Partner, Audit - KPMG UK

Webcast Live Series: "Production & Supply...

80 views 19.10.2020.

Never before have companies faced so much pressure to adjust, stemming not only from the game...

Poh Jee Voo "Collaboration"

320 views 15.10.2020.

Poh Jee Voo - Partner, Audit - KPMG Singapore

Tom Eve "International Network"

163 views 13.10.2020.

Tom Eve - Director, Audit - KPMG UK

Kristin Zettlemoyer "Values"

342 views 08.10.2020.

Kristin Zettlemoyer - Partner, Audit - KPMG USA

Daniele Urso "Variety of Skills"

174 views 01.10.2020.

Daniele Urso - Partner, Audit - KPMG Italy

A reimagined client audit experience

363 views 18.09.2020.

Innovative Technologie, enge Collaboration und smarte Data Analytics: Mit KPMG Clara erleben Sie...

Alexander Coir "Modern Technologies"

284 views 06.08.2020.

Alexander Coir - Manager, Audit - KPMG Germany

Webcast: Hotel transactions in Germany

70 views 03.08.2020.

KPMG’s hotel experts discussed key aspects of due diligence analysis, in particular the COVID-19...

The future of mobility

535 views 29.07.2020.

The concept of work and talent management is transforming

Tim Rotter "Transport & Logistics Specifics"

396 views 28.07.2020.

Tim Rotter - Senior Manager, Audit - KPMG Germany