For the future, ESG is expected to be the predominant game changer in asset management. Recently, many challenging ESG-related disclosure requirements for financial market participants including investment funds have come into effect. Particularly, the reporting quality oftentimes is seen as the key determinant for creating value for investors on the one hand and helping to comply with their own ESG disclosure requirements on the other hand. Having gathered valuable market insights and feedback from participants, it is a great opportunity to share our expertise and take a closer look at what is expecting the investment community in 2024.

During our webcast, we discussed the following points:

• The Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) and the reporting requirements for investment funds resulting from it, particularly for article 8 and article 9 products
• The consideration of Principal Adverse Impacts (PAIs) at fund level
• The European ESG Template (EET), which, in its current status, already plays a crucial role as part of a standardized ESG reporting for investment funds
• Takeaways from target fund ESG data usage on investor level and investor preferences

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